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Our aim is primarily to work collaboratively with our clients to achieve success.

Not Just Technology

Whilst technology has its place, most business improvement comes from resolving challenges within the organisation, particularly to adapt to the new world of business, and making use of digital communications and online applications to deliver business services and generate customer and end-user loyalty.

For the organisation itself, we adopt some of the more wonderful aspects of Japanese production management best practices, and the identification of waste (muda) and inconsistency (mura); this is a sure-fire way of improving efficiency at a steady and sustainable pace, but is best done at an enterprise level rather than spot improvements as is often done in early ventures into Business Improvement.

We also look to use technology to remove the monotonous, repetitive, and least valuable processes or activities. Better information and access to information, along with training and removal of mundane processes can make a business or organisation much more effective.

Intelligent use of technology can make this entirely possible without major investment or risk by reusing as much as possible, and augmenting it with integrated and enterprise-wide human and system work flow and data visualisation services, accessed via a single and consistent work space, business messaging; and case management mechanisms. We cannot overemphasise the importance of and benefits to having a good and consistent user experience (UX) across the main business applications, and to really ensure all applications have a high affordance. Such an approach attracts and encourages users to fully use and exploit the systems, and also saves on training and support costs.

Engage with Customers, ethically

For the customer, we are always looking at how a business can better interact with its customers (or potential customers). Employing techniques like Big Data can be useful for the given objectives of knowing the customer better, but poorly implemented can cause significant damage usually with significant cost. Personal data is, well, personal, and the slide into the Uncanny Valley by knowing too much (and becoming creepy) can be catastrophic for customer loyalty! It is crucial to have a good enterprise-wide information strategy and architecture - big data or no.

An underlying theme of new business models is to understand that customers aren’t stupid, and are in fact far more powerful thanks to the recent social media revolution and the recognised importance of advocacy. They are also becoming more ethically-minded requiring some companies to fundamentally reassess their stance - it is increasingly important for companies to establish and maintain trust as well as providing relevant services that are of value to the customer.

Collaboration and Know thy Customer

A common meme is to say IT should not drive business. However, we also believe that business should not necessarily drive IT - it should be a collaborative relationship. IT needs to understand what problems the business (as it’s direct customers) have, thereby understanding the needs. However, IT should also understand what the business is trying to do for its own customers, which after all is its "raison d’etre". Doing so will provide a better understanding of the why, and thereby illicit better suggestions on the how. The collaborative part means the business should also understand IT. Innovative use of technology can be a game-changer. Just look at most disruptive business models like Amazon, Kickstarter, and FANG.

Why us

We are happy to respect tradition and equally happy to break with it to embrace new thoughts, ideas, and concepts, and even invent our own (which we’ve done successfully for a number of our clients). Such an approach (achievable by being independent over the last 15 years) has given us an invaluable insight into the modern ways. We have witnessed, and indeed been a key part of a number of game-changing events, and thereby understand the need to do things differently whilst still understanding human nature and fondness to retain the status quo. To achieve change needs leadership, confidence, and a clear vision of the future together with a believable journey to get there. We can help with that.

We regularly refer to Einstein’s definition of Insanity: "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" - it is as relevant today as it ever has been.

So, if you want a different and honest perspective, and are wanting to break from the usual path of mediocre business and IT change to achieve stellar performance, please contact us.

Business Improvement and BPM

Turning business improvement from concept to reality with the use of rules of thumb for organisational design, and the use of effective technologies to support business process automation.

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e-Commerce Solutions

Our logical model for e-Commerce Solutions that are used as the base-plate for constructing a suite of technologies, products, and online services to implement a fully-functioning e-Commerce and Order Fulfilment system.

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Change Management

Looking at change management elements of multiple frameworks, and suggesting a common denominator that takes the best elements of all three.

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