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About Us - a small company able to deliver large improvements.

Who We Are

Founded in 1997 by David Leeson, Carvel Solutions is a small niche consultancy specialising in professional services for Enterprise Architecture, IT strategy, and business systems design, particularly in modern online and mobile-oriented solutions.

Our independence and size enables us to be honest, straightforward, and focused entirely on delivering a service that meets, and often exceeds the needs of our clients. We are also free to develop our own thoughts and concepts, and not be constrained by any higher-level policies or patterns.

The Office

Our office is situated in north Cumbria, off the Solway Coast. The beauty and solitude of this area affords us the space to clear our mind and focus on the task, ensuring the solutions we define, and advice we offer is relevant, and right for our client, and is delivered to the highest standards and quality.

Anne runs the office, and manages the relationships with our considerable network of expert colleagues and associates, all of whom are highly successful in their fields, and are able to help mature our thoughts as well as provide incredible value to our clients.

About David

David, as founder of Carvel Solutions, has over 25 years of experience providing professional services in the areas of IT and management consultancy, during which he has delivered many major successes for his clients, many of whom are world-class organisations.

You can find out more of David's own successes and career from his linked in profile.

Our Identity

The name 'carvel' is a naval architecture term used for a style of wooden ship building that benefits from careful design and construction around a frame. The resulting streamlined hull delivers superior performance, as proven by the Phoenicians.

Our approach is similar in that all our work involves careful study and design. Our products and services are constructed around proven frameworks (some, of our own making), and thus are produced to the highest quality. We can therefore be confident to deliver our solutions, which have the upmost relevancy, and fit with our customer needs.

What We Do

A summary of what we do, and overview of the services we offer.

Our Experience

A chronology of our experience and list of clients, past and present.

Our Approach

An overview of our approach as a reflection of our ethics and values.