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What we do - consulting and delivery of change.


We offer two main services: consulting, and delivery support


Working as individual consultants, we work with you as our client to fully understand your situation, problems, requirements, and constraints, and devise appropriate suggestions to deliver main areas of improvement. Where appropriate, we will create and introduce new concepts, innovations, and operating models to best achieve the maximum benefit.

An example of this is the Intelligence Framework we created that helped to revolutionise thinking behind structuring information to formulate knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom, and which we've adapted for use in anti-terrorism, criminal intelligence, e-commerce intelligence for understanding customer buying habits, and recently facilities management intelligence for managing property, estate, and delivery of maintenance services.

Delivery Support

Based on the success of the consulting stage, we can then either repeat this process for a number of different areas (particularly for larger client organisations) and provide insights accordingly, or more usually move into a strategic change activity, helping to establish the business and IT change programmes.

This typically comprises defining Blueprints, business cases, project structures, and more detailed component designs and plans for delivery based on the vision, approach, and concepts established as part of the consulting phase. We then provide architecture governance and advice to ensure all activities are conformant with the design, compliant with any standards, and coherent with the strategy.

Areas of Skill

Our main areas of skill are in Enterprise Architecture, and providing the constituent architecture and designs: the organisational structure and operating models (Business Architecture), IT application services and information flows (Application and Information Architecture), IT systems and infrastructure (Technical Architecture), and appropriate aspects of business service management, IT service management, system management, and information security.

Method of Engagement

From our experience, the usual path of engagement is for you to assess our suitability for appropriate strategic roles, define the scope of the consulting exercise, and engaging with us to investigate, analyse, and produce our suggested solutions and recommendations based on the evidence acquired and our rationale behind the design.

If that is successful, and you wish to move subsequently into delivering those recommendations, we can then engage to establish the change programme as the vehicle for delivery, and produce the Blueprint and enterprise architecture as the definition of the desired end-state that everyone can work towards in a coherent and coordinated manner.

Our Experience

A chronology of our experience and list of clients, past and present that have engaged with us and benefitted from our services and advice.

Enterprise Architecture

An overview of our Enterprise Architecture services including the constituent architecture domains of Business, Applications, Information, Technology, and Service Management.

Code of Change

A article from the BBC on how a structured and methodical approach used in software engineering and architecture can provide new insights into innovation and change.