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Our Experience and Clientelle


We have provided a range of consulting services to many clients from central and local Government departments, to world-leading companies all wishing to establish new IT strategies and establishing major improvement initiatives.


Some of our more successful engagements have been with Cisco, GCHQ, NPIA, Britannia Commercial Investment Group (as WMS and Platform Home Loans), and recently with Boots, ASDA, and Landmarc.

For such engagements, we’ve provided some world-leading innovative thoughts and concepts to help communicate the challenges and present elegant and cohesive solutions based on best practices and patterns developed from years of experience in the IT industry.

Industry & Sector Knowledge

Our experience with our clients have provided us unique insights into many industries including telecommunications, finance and banking, insurance, retail, and intelligence. Whilst the general meme is to specialise in a particular industry, we take a different approach in that many aspects of improvement can come about from cross-fertilisation of ideas between industries, injecting a valuable and fresh perspective to solving many common or recurring challenges. Einstein's definition of madness is striking: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. Sound familiar?

Use our Experience

We can bring a new way of doing something with often a very different yet well-tried and tested approach, to ensure you can safely and reliably plan significant change with the confidence of a clear outcome, known risks; and definable benefits.

Our Experience

A chronology of our experience and list of clients, past and present that have engaged with us and benefitted from our services and advice.

Enterprise Architecture

An overview of our Enterprise Architecture services including the constituent architecture domains of Business, Applications, Information, Technology, and Service Management.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple: take the best of the best practices, add some pragmatism, match to the client’s situation, and deliver relevant and practical world-leading concepts and solutions to give them a competitive edge.